Immigration offers the United States the ability to be a world leader in the pursuit of scholarly research and excellence. Through our immigration laws and visa policies, we create and accommodate the international nature of scientific inquiry, academic collaboration, and business. We must continue to promote international exchange to attract the best and the brightest from around the world to support and advance our global economy and competitiveness.

We closely work with our international scholars to meticulously prepare applications and avoid any problems. Our immigration practice has the experience and background working with local, national, and international scholars and researchers navigate through the immigration process. We will take the time to personally meet with you and clearly explain all immigration options and consequences for both you and your family.

We understand that pursuing immigration cases may not be the most economically feasible as most of our international scholars and researchers are usually students and therefore we provide cost effective immigration solutions while still maintaining the personal and superior customer support. We can help all international scholars and researchers obtain either:

  • Temporary Work Visas; or
  • Permanent Residency.

Contact our immigration attorney today to review your case.