Our Business Immigration Law Practice offers competitive business discount rates with a professional client-centered approach. We understand the inherent stress for international, national, and local businesses in sending employees abroad or hiring employees from abroad. We also realize how daunting the immigration process can be. We simplify and streamline the immigration process for our business clients, human resources professionals, and individual employees.

To help businesses and individuals manage all of its employment-related immigration needs, our immigration attorney works closely with each client to identify the best immigration option. The business or individual may seek one of the following employment options:

We keep our business clients involved in each step of the process. From the beginning, we clearly outline the immigration process and options and all legal fees and filing fees involved in each option. We anticipate and resolve all possible immigration and business consequences involved in each option.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a long-term relationship with our business clients. Even after a case is approved, our relationship with our business clients does not end. We ensure continuous communication as we continue to monitor the cases by providing our business clients with all important expiration and renewal dates to ensure that all employees can avoid any authorized period(s) of employment. We also inform our business clients with all relevant business immigration law and policy updates.

We understand that typical business hours may not be the most feasible times to meet. We offer our clients evening and weekend appointments and we offer on-site business consultations. We are willing to travel and meet our clients at their place of business.

Contact our office today to discuss how we can help you meet your business immigration needs.