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Alien of Extraordinary Ability Green Card Approved: “You’re simply the best. A truthful, efficient, and diligent lawyer full of life, perseverance and determination. Nothing stands between you and your high standard of ethics. I recommend you with no reservations whatsoever to anyone who needs legal advice.” -Dr. Mohamed Hafez Ramadan, MD, Cairo, Egypt

Citizenship Application:  “I appreciate your professionalism and exceptional service during our contacts.  I’ll definitely seek again your quick, kind and thoughtful advice when I need it. You got my lifetime confidence. Thank you.” – Prof. Mladen Kiselov, Pittsburgh, PA

EB1- National Interest Waiver Petition Approved: “It was very enjoyable experience to work with Rami Lee, Esq. She was very responsive to our demands and up-to-date with all requirements. We felt that we could rely on her professional advice and thanks to her guidance we were able to obtain the green card in the very short time. We will definitely recommend her services to our friends and family.” Govorko Dmitry, MD & Govorko Ana, Princeton, NJ

H1B Visas Approved:  Rami Lee Immigration Law Group is one of the best immigration law firms to work with. Their experience and expertise have always helped us in getting cases Approved: Their prompt responses and one-2-one guidance set them apart from other Immigration law firms. I would highly recommend Rami Lee Immigration Law Group to any individual or organization seeking immigration benefits. – Anand Purusothaman, CEO, Payoda, Inc., New Jersey

Alien of Extraordinary Ability Green Card Approved “I chose Rami Lee as my attorney after few attorney shopping. Amongst all, Rami impressed us on Day 1. That’s when I decided to hire her for my case. I am glad I did that.  She is friendly, approachable, reachable, returns your call promptly, what she talks makes sense and she had a good knowledge about science which was important for my case. I strongly recommend Rami to anyone who wants their case to be successful.  When other attorneys were strongly hesitant or denied to take up my case under EB-1 category, Rami strongly suggested EB-1  for me and we got our green card in 4 months. Such was her confidence level. Thanks Rami.” Dr. Karthik and Ms. Aarthi, Lansing, Michigan

Green Card Approved:  It was very hard to choose an immigration lawyer with so many lawyers with different price ranges. I even thought about doing this process without a lawyer, but after contacting several lawyers for “free initial consultation”, I really liked the way Rami answered all my questions and how thorough she was with her answers. It was an easy decision to choose Rami as my lawyer and she was EXTREMELY helpful through the whole process. I am so happy with the service, and I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. I am VERY satisfied with the service! Thank you very much for all your hard work Rami! – S.H., Fairfax, VA

H1B Visas Approved:   Rami Lee helped two H1B Visa applications for my colleagues, key members for my startup. It was not easy for a small startup to support H1B, but she made it. I like her professional service but I like her personality taking care of her clients more. Beyond H1B visa, she was very responsive for every inquiry I made so I could feel like our Visa is in a good hand. I am her client and I will be. – Andrew Chung, CEO, ComPePrice, Pittsburgh, PA

H1B Visa Approved:   “I’ve been working for ComPePrice since October 2008 with H1B Visa. It was possible thanks to her perfect preparation and continuous service until finally I got the stamp in my passport.  She is a like trouble-solving broker. If you have any troubles, she will make them clear. Just call or email her. That’s it!” – Changhoon Lee, Pittsburgh, PA

Green Card Approved:  I would highly recommend Rami Lee at any given day as an immigration attorney. She is professional and personable, very easy to approach and talk to. I think I found my family immigration attorney, I thank Rami for making the process a breeze. – Sundeep Baggam, Erie, PA

Permanent Residence (marriage) Approved – Rami was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout our immigration process.  We considered trying to do things on our own but it was all so complicated.  We had heard from many people that things would be difficult and time consuming, however Rami specified exactly what steps we needed to take and in what order.  She reviewed everything and our whole process was completed, without complication, in two months and three weeks.  We are extremely satisfied and pleased with the service of our lawyer! – Josue and Shannon Barrios, Emlenton, PA

Green Card Approved:  We really appreciate Rami because of her professional attitude and pleasant smile; We needed a competent lawyer who was detail-oriented and patient.  Rami made the intimidating immigration process a breeze. Most importantly, she always took our calls and made herself available.  We would unquestionably recommend her to family, and friends. – S.K & A.K, West Virginia.

Family Green Card Approved:  Rami was exceptionally polite, knowledgeable and prompt in her responses. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.  -Tatyana, Bethesda, MD

Successfully Completed Green Card Process – Rami’s clear and concise instructions enabled us to apply for, prepare all materials needed for our case and receive a favorable outcome after our hearing. – JMC & PC, Pittsburgh, PA

Green Card Approved:   My wife and I are very happy that we have Rami’s help in obtaining her green card .We found her to be approachable, friendly and inexpensive. Rami’s experience made the process seem easy. We would definitely recommend Rami to anyone seeking immigration help.Thank. – Mike and Ellen, New Jersey

Family Green Cards Approved:   We are so grateful to you for your time + services. We don’t know what we would’ve done without you. Thanks so much Rami.  We love you. – John, Lili & Adriel, Pennsylvania.

Green Card Approved:   The legal service provided by Ms Rami Lee is really professional, my husband and I are quite content with the result and extremely thankful to her. – R.S and H.X, Pittsburgh, PA