NPWC Processing Times (as of 12/31/2019)
Processing Queue Request Date
H-1B September 2019
H-2B December 2019
PERM September 2019
CW-1 December 2019
Submission Date
Redeterminations H-1B: November 2019
PERM: November 2019
Center Director Reviews CW-1: None Pending
H-1B: December 2019
H-2B: None Pending
PERM: None Pending

The National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC) is currently processing the dates posted on iCERT above which reflect the month and year in which applications were filed (request date) or submission date of the appeal request for Redeterminations or Center Director Review. The NPWC is unable to give priority processing or expedite prevailing wage determinations as requests are processed in the order in which they are received. However, each prevailing wage request is unique, and processing times may vary depending on material facts and individual circumstances of the request. NPWC gives each prevailing wage request its careful attention and processes each request as efficiently as possible. The Department encourages employers to continue to request a prevailing wage determination (PWD) for the H-2B program at least 60 days before the date the determination is needed. Requestors may check case statuses via the iCERT portal at or contact our Helpdesk for a status on the application at

Program Average Number of Days to Issue Wage Determinations
Month OES (Calendar Days) Non-OES (Calendar Days)
CW-1 December 2019 27 27
H-1B December 2019 120 111
H-2B December 2019 26 39
PERM December 2019 118 110

The NPWC determination processing times on iCERT above reflect the average amount of time to issue wage determinations (by program) that were issued during the month listed. The actual processing time for each employer’s prevailing wage application may vary from the average depending on material facts and individual circumstances of the request. OFLC is only reporting the average processing time for all prevailing wage applications for the most recent month.